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  1. The Grantha and its parent script influenced the Tamil script notably.
  2. Grantha script still lives in Tamil Nadu, albeit in reduced state.
  3. Later Sinhala was influenced by Grantha writing of Southern India.
  4. According to the Sanskrit inscriptions ( in Grantha characters ) at ttingal.
  5. Historically, Brahmins of Tulu Nadu and Havyaka Brahmins used the Grantha script.
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  7. The Tigalari-Malayalam script is called Western Grantha.
  8. The main source of the Sarvatobhadra chakra method of prognostication is Brhmayamal Grantha.
  9. Essentially, it was a hybrid script composed of Vatteluttu and the Grantha script.
  10. The Divehi Akuru developed from the Grantha alphabet.
  11. The earliest discovered treatise on Newa music is a manuscript called Sangit Chandra Grantha.
  12. Its Hindi version is called Samudra Sangam Grantha.
  13. They developed the Grantha ultimately descended.
  14. The Pallavas ( 4th to 9th centuries ) were, alongside the Guptas of the Grantha.
  15. For this reason, Vatteluttu and the Grantha alphabet were sometimes mixed, as in the Manipravalam.
  16. Native words and grammatical endings were written using Vatteluttu, and Sanskrit words were written using Grantha.
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