grantha alphabet in a sentence

  1. The Divehi Akuru developed from the Grantha alphabet.
  2. For this reason, Vatteluttu and the Grantha alphabet were sometimes mixed, as in the Manipravalam.
  3. In the south, where Dravidian languages predominate, scripts used for Sanskrit include the Malayalam and Grantha alphabets.
  4. According to conventional Thai history, Ram Khamhaeng developed the Thai alphabet ( " Lai Sue Thai " ) from Sanskrit, Pali, and the Grantha alphabet.
  5. As Malayalam began to freely borrow words as well as the rules of grammar from Sanskrit, the Grantha alphabet was adopted for writing and came to be known as " Arya Eluttu ".
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  7. Cham was one of the first scripts to develop from a South Indian Brahmi script called the Grantha alphabet some time around 200 CE . It came to Southeast Asia as part of the expansion of Hinduism and Buddhism.
  8. We can see some more of his exploits from an inscription in the 33rd year of his reign ( while he was still a co-regent ), from Mulbagal in Karnataka ( original inscription in Tamil and Grantha alphabet ):
  9. Here is an excerpt from an inscription ( begins with " Tiru-magal maruviya [ engMlavan . . " ) of this king while he was still a co-regent of Rajadhiraja Chola I : ( " from Kolar in Karnataka ", original in Tamil and Grantha alphabet );
  10. According to Arthur Coke Burnell, one form of the Grantha alphabet, originally used in the Chola dynasty, was imported into the southwest coast of India in the 8th or 9th century, which was then modified in course of time in this secluded area, where communication with the east coast was very limited.
  11. Southern Brahmi gave rise to the Grantha alphabet ( 6th century ), the Vatteluttu alphabet ( 8th century ), and due to the contact of Hinduism with Southeast Asia during the early centuries CE, also gave rise to the Baybayin in the Philippines, the Javanese script in Indonesia, the Khmer alphabet in Cambodia, and the Mon script in Burma.

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