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  1. Rumors of the Wish Granter began to spread throughout the Zone.
  2. Granter said as he gazed at the destruction.
  3. The school serves as the primary granter of associate degrees in the Allentown area.
  4. In California, local school districts are the most frequent granters of school charters.
  5. To the washers of dishes, the catchers of fishes, the granters of wishes.
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  7. Granter retired from the business in 2008 and Steven Halbert joined the board as Chairman.
  8. And, in the process, to entertain clients, potential favor-granters and well-heeled contributors.
  9. Rene Elliott is an HGA staff member who is also a wish granter for Make-A-Wish.
  10. A total of three wish granters, including Logel, worked together to make Chris'wish come to life.
  11. Explains the wise Abby : " Dolly is a lover of life and a granter of forgiveness ."
  12. Further leads send Strelok towards the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, where the Wish Granter is believed to be located.
  13. George Granter, 23, of Merryville, Indiana, said members of his unit at the airfield are shot at daily.
  14. George Granter knew on that blistering hot Tuesday morning was that intelligence was reporting the house was occupied by Baath Party members.
  15. Granter worked as in the education profession since 1987, most recently as a high school principal at Corner Brook Regional High.
  16. They eventually reach a time room at the center of the multiverse that is inhabited by Prismo, a wish-granter.
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