granted in a sentence

"granted" meaning  "granted" in Chinese  
  1. "This division can't be taken for granted.
  2. In the desert, never take those last two for granted.
  3. Women are increasingly granted opportunities to hold combat-related jobs.
  4. But don't let the student take it for granted.
  5. The Pacific-10 Conference eventually granted him a medical redshirt.
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  7. Granted, Smith was sensational with 143 yards and a touchdown.
  8. "But we can't take things for granted.
  9. So we're not taking anything for granted ."
  10. This is an election where you cannot take anything for granted.
  11. writ of certiorari in No . 93-1415 is granted limited
  12. for leave to file a brief as amicus curiae is granted.
  13. But they only wanted the postponement if Simpson were granted bail.
  14. These are the kinds of things that they take for granted.
  15. He looked as if Santa had granted his own dearest wish.
  16. But licenses are unlikely to be granted before mid-1995.
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