granted me in a sentence

  1. Sedgwick had granted me the freedom to erect whatever I liked.
  2. User : Pedro granted me rollback on January 25, 2008.
  3. I have cancer and Make A Wish Foundation granted me my lifelong wish.
  4. I irrevocably renounce the authority you had granted me.
  5. Tires and the engines granted me a fantastic combination.
  6. It's difficult to find granted me in a sentence.
  7. He sent me an email and granted me permission.
  8. But God granted me the company of heroes whose devotion to duty sustained my own.
  9. As well, they have granted me permission to use their images as my own.
  10. She also had granted me a number of interviews in Israel and in the United States.
  11. God has granted me that blessing.
  12. To do so would be a breach of the trust the community has already granted me.
  13. Making this point, it seemed, was the primary reason she had granted me an audience.
  14. I thank my father in heaven for the grace that he's granted me ."
  15. Is there any way to turn off my autopatroller userrights automatically granted me under the admin package?
  16. I wanted a beautiful family, a beautiful wife and kids, and God granted me that wish.
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