granted authority in a sentence

"granted authority" in Chinese  
  1. As its instigator, RATP was granted authority to run the new link.
  2. In 1899, Ronglu was granted authority as Song Qing and Yuan Shikai.
  3. They may also be granted authority to enforce state laws by state statute.
  4. The legal term refers only to the granted authority, not to a geographical area.
  5. Rebel attacks have continued despite the extraordinary powers granted authorities.
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  7. Under Fribourg's rule, a bailiff was appointed and granted authority over the land around Surpierre.
  8. He was granted authority by the Han imperial court to oversee the affairs in the region.
  9. In 2007, Nichols was granted authority to offer the degree of Master of Science in Organizational Leadership.
  10. Ajahn Sumedho was granted authority to ordain others as monks shortly after he established Cittaviveka Forest Monastery.
  11. Any school district containing at least 100 residents were granted authority to hire music and art teachers.
  12. On May 4, 2007, FSSLRI was granted authority to operate Grade VI level to complete its elementary department.
  13. It is the first to be granted authority to offer full, unrestricted long distance service outside its region.
  14. In some cases, BIA Police Officers are granted authority to enforce tribal law by tribal ordinance or statute.
  15. The Oregon Medical Board is established and granted authority by Oregon Revised Statute 677, the Medical Practice Act.
  16. He was however granted authority to build the locomotives at the company s own Longhedge workshops in 1874.
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