grantchester road in a sentence

  1. The mill formerly stood by Brasley Bridge on Grantchester Road.
  2. Wilson designed his own home in Cambridge on Grantchester Road.
  3. The most upstream bridge in Cambridge ( UK Parliament constituency ) lies along Grantchester Road between Grantchester and Trumpington.
  4. To the south opposite Wolfson College is "'Grantchester Road "', leading to the village of Grantchester.
  5. The memorial is located at a site in the centre of the village, formerly called Cross Hill, at the junction of the High Street, and Church Lane which leads towards the church, becoming Grantchester Road and continuing west towards Grantchester.
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  7. The earliest paintings in the show, like " Grantchester Road " and " Cafeteria in the Grand Palais, " both from 1975, have a posterish stiffness that recalls British pop art; they give some notion of his growth as an artist but they lack the expansiveness of the best paintings at Kornblee.

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