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  1. Mosharraf told reporters after a meeting with health and government officials.
  2. Government officials said all damaged homes would be inspected by Monday.
  3. Foreign government officials learned of the latest proposal in the media.
  4. Anonymous government officials it consulted were not enthusiastic about the proposal.
  5. Government officials have indicated they would not object to their pardons.
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  7. Bond dealers have been caught bribing government officials to win business.
  8. Government officials try to channel foreign investment according to socialist precepts.
  9. Government officials fear that it may deter badly needed foreign investment.
  10. Government officials in the region could not be reached by phone.
  11. Government officials continued to give similarly upbeat reports into the evening.
  12. Government officials have said Yeltsin was thinking about ousting the governor.
  13. Korean government officials said they were unaware of any such request.
  14. Government officials gave no indication what the new wage will be.
  15. The Japanese court and government officials have no blood and tears.
  16. But government officials said the stoppage will not affect oil production.
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