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  1. Lower-than-expected bids at a government land auction on Wednesday prompted the sell-off.
  2. Livestock ranches utilize large tracts of private and government land for grazing.
  3. This was the northern half of the Government land at Petrie's Bight.
  4. The government land sold for 75 cents per acre or less.
  5. Their excuse was that these temples were unlicensed and squatting on government land.
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  7. In 1870 he became a government land agent, based at Pembina.
  8. Until somebody shows me a title, that land is government land.
  9. The slums cover two square kilometres and are on government land.
  10. A land grab is the reallocation of government land to businessmen.
  11. Consequently, government land agents were involved in a number of dubious land purchases.
  12. Some were squatters in private and government land in Para馻que and Quezon City.
  13. This statement concerns also the monastery, church, and government land holdings.
  14. Which explains why last month's government land auction was the stuff of history.
  15. Each claim was for 160 acres, a quarter section of free government land.
  16. Only government land is claimable; land owned outright by private citizens is not.
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