government intervention in a sentence

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  1. Negotiators remain apart on the issue of government intervention in port practices.
  2. _He warned that government intervention would be bad for the software industry.
  3. The government intervention in the money market reached its height with Shaw.
  4. He saw fixed exchange rates as an undesirable form of government intervention.
  5. Many people welcomed this government intervention and wanted it to go further.
  6. It's difficult to find government intervention in a sentence.
  7. Also included are the kinds of government interventions that are Democratic traditions.
  8. Still, Rotenberg agreed that technological solutions would be better than government intervention.
  9. There also is a very low level of government intervention and regulation.
  10. One banker involved in the situation said government intervention might be needed.
  11. It cited laws that allow for government intervention in times of crisis.
  12. American is also urging employees to lobby elected officials for government intervention.
  13. They want government intervention to support the economy and ptotect American jobs.
  14. A government intervention is absolutely necessary to brake the wave of homicides,
  15. Stevens argued for drastic economic reform and government intervention in the economy.
  16. By its very nature it is not susceptible to government intervention.
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