gospel tract in a sentence

  1. They refer to their gospel tracts as " broadsides ."
  2. He practised distributing gospel tracts and open-air preaching among the poor.
  3. He's sent 42 million other Gospel tracts to others to give out.
  4. A gospel tract in the Christian sense is a leaflet with a gospel message.
  5. He distributed thousands of Chinese Gospel tracts and portions of Scripture in and around Shanghai.
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  7. As an approach to evangelism, many modern evangelists attest to the usefulness of gospel tracts to spread the gospel.
  8. Taylor worked briefly with Clyde Dennis, founder of Good News Publishers, on translating Gospel tracts and distributing them overseas.
  9. One member of the audience of two hundred was Albert Einstein to whom the young Dr . Whitcomb handed a Gospel tract.
  10. As the ship sailed up the river loaded with cotton goods, tin and glass, Thomas tossed gospel tracts onto the riverbank.
  11. This is because Martin Luther is said to have nailed his " Ninety-Five Theses " to gospel tracts to them.
  12. It also is frequently found on printed gospel tracts, urging people to " repeat these words from the bottom of your heart ".
  13. One organization, the American Tract Society, stated that around 3 million gospel tracts are ordered from them alone for Hallowe'en celebrations.
  14. In his travels, he may have passed out more Gospel tracts than anyone else _ 3 million _ before he stopped counting a few years ago.
  15. He records in his gospel tracts some of the locations he visited; these include Margate, Woolwich and Sheffield in England, Dunoon and Aberdeen in Scotland.
  16. Returning in 2010, Qureshi and his group resolved to not pass out gospel tracts, and not engage anyone in conversation unless it was initiated by someone else.
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