goose in a sentence

"goose" meaning  "goose" in Chinese  
  1. Having Goose in the bullpen is like having another pitching coach,
  2. They drew a goose egg in their first quarter on Saturday.
  3. And three people called thinking maybe Jasper was their pet goose.
  4. Nobody wanted to touch the goose who laid the golden egg.
  5. The goose made a U-turn and headed safely away.
  6. It's difficult to find goose in a sentence.
  7. And what happens when he no longer is the golden goose?
  8. Record some Mother Goose rhymes or a favorite story or song.
  9. Hollywood would prefer to not be seen as a golden goose.
  10. The changes goosed the economy but brought higher prices and unemployment.
  11. The horror is so subtle that it gives me goose bumps.
  12. But Goose would come back with fire coming from his nose.
  13. So far, attempts at goose birth control have been ineffective.
  14. He took a cash salary of exactly zero _ goose eggs.
  15. What is good for the goose is good for the Gingrich,
  16. .. . Goose Goslin, Lew Fonseca, Al Simmons,
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