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  1. Saskatchewan, located on a major wildfowl migratory route, is renowned for its goose and duck hunting.
  2. Goose and duck are filled with a stuffing of apple boats and prunes before they are roasted in a hot oven.
  3. You've reached Larry Gore's Eagle Lake and Katy Prairie Goose and Duck Hunting outfitters in Katy, Texas.
  4. They started their quest for the down alternative by testing goose and duck feathers from Canada, Eastern Europe and Asia to understand their physical structure.
  5. He has said that " goose and duck fat is closer in chemical composition to olive oil than it is to butter and lard ."
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  7. Plus, you can also quail, goose and duck hunt out by the ( Colorado ) River ( a veritable mecca for upland game birds ).
  8. Two friends who accompanied him on the two-day goose and duck shooting trip noticed he wasn't on his boat when they arrived ashore.
  9. A goose and duck processing business and pillow factory in Tulelake was featured on an episode of Discovery Channel's series " Dirty Jobs ".
  10. Dishes combining boiled meat with noodles include " qullama " or " qaz1l1q " ); cured goose and duck are considered a delicacy.
  11. The truck from Hungary, carrying the delicacy made from goose and duck liver, was found by police just over three kilometres from where it had been taken.
  12. Mirepoix USA, a top provider of goose and duck foie gras, alleges that the animal rights activists attack is a form of prohibition against a cuisine item.
  13. That water repellent quality and its ability to retain warmth when wet is what sets PrimaLoft apart from the competition and trumps nature's best _ goose and duck feathers.
  14. Still, ostrich and other alternative meats-- including rabbit, pheasant, goose and duck-- may get their big chance if a disaster hits the turkey industry, Kroger speculates.
  15. "Down comforters are made from white goose down, gray goose and duck down, " said Nancy Koltes, president of the retail division of Scandia Down in New York.
  16. Werber and Goldschmidt ( 1909 ) found that the goose and duck were capable of regenerating their beaks after partial amputation Birds are also capable of regenerating the hair cells in their cochlea following noise damage or ototoxic drug damage.
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