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  1. With an easy smile, Navarro has been called the next Golden Boy.
  2. Olympic golden boys Chris Kalantzis and Pablo Cardozo were the goal scorers.
  3. William Friedkin was a golden boy in Hollywood in the early 1970s.
  4. However, a convincing victory over the Golden Boy could change that radically.
  5. Since rising to prominence in 1998 for her singles " Golden Boy.
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  7. Otherwise, the Golden Boy may start looking more like the Golden Baby.
  8. The usually jovial Golden Boy has cracked few smiles during this promotion.
  9. He objects because Prefontaine became a golden boy without ever winning gold.
  10. Like Mosley, Hopkins would get a job with Golden Boy Promotions.
  11. How would the Golden Boy have fit in with that bunch?
  12. Compared to the army secretary, he looks like a golden boy.
  13. There is no such thing as a golden boy in sports.
  14. Now he intends to bruise De La Hoya's golden boy image.
  15. The Golden Boy Promotions card will be televised by HBO Latino.
  16. What better way than by making the Yankees'newest golden boy uncomfortable?
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