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  1. Reginald describes the circumstances in which Godric learnt the first song.
  2. The other " bishops-elect " were men called Godric.
  3. Sookie is saved by Godric who reveals he is there voluntarily.
  4. Godric may have been a relative of the earl's.
  5. Godric served King William II of England as a steward also.
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  7. Godric Smith was later a Head and three kinds of Director.
  8. Godric found religion, gave his money away and became a saint.
  9. Godric son of Karl held it from King Edward ".
  10. It was recorded that Godric was " a colourful old scoundrel ".
  11. Scrimgeour reveals that Harry was also bequeathed the Sword of Godric Gryffindor.
  12. Godric Smith, a spokesman for the prime minister, dismissed the claim.
  13. Godric Kelly said the e-mail showed how frustrated he had become.
  14. In 1102 English pirate Godric of Finchale, and thence secretly to Jerusalem.
  15. Goodrich Castle was probably built by Godric of Mappestone after the Tudor times.
  16. She considers taking the veil at Godric's Ford with Sister Magdalen.
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