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  1. A selling enterprise has multiple go - to - market strategies , each of which targets a different kind of customer
  2. The extended sites infrastructure allows the seller to implement multiple go - to - market strategies , leading to increased sales and improved customer loyalty
  3. Jonathan rosenberg is an 18 - year industry veteran who oversees the teams that manage google s innovative product portfolio and go - to - market strategies
  4. All enterprises are unique in their go - to - market strategies , and each selling organization creates its own unique approaches in interacting with customers
  5. At pepsico , we like to win . we are committed to being market leaders and strengthening our go - to - market system all over the world , and at pepsico results are recognized and rewarded
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  7. Thompson oversees adobes global sales organization and all customer - facing functions , including field marketing , go - to - market partners , customer care and adobe consulting

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