go with in a sentence

"go with" meaning  "go with" in Chinese  
  1. Williams was reluctant at first to go with the cable network.
  2. They are crafted to go with the food on the menu.
  3. We just want to go with people who are fully fit.
  4. A . Here we go with more of that techie jargon.
  5. What is needed now is substance to go with the symbolism.
  6. It's difficult to find go with in a sentence.
  7. Most people around here are going to go with Fernando Henrique.
  8. It is believed they prefer to go with a younger player.
  9. I always liked to go with what I wanted to do.
  10. You go with your plan as a general going into battle.
  11. Mark Jackson had 13 assists to go with his seven points.
  12. Here are a dozen ideas to go with the Christmas carol.
  13. You have to go with the people who are supporting you,
  14. But unfortunately for us they decided to go with the Yankees.
  15. Are the Lakers going to go with purple and gold pinstripes?
  16. The Yankees will go with Dwight Gooden tonight against Orel Hershisher.
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