go two blocks in a sentence

"go two blocks" in Chinese  
  1. From the zocalo go two blocks north on Independenia to Guridi y Alcocer.
  2. Go two blocks and the hotel will be on the left.
  3. We go two blocks in a taxi in Tokyo and it is $ 5.
  4. Go two blocks and make a right onto 16th Street.
  5. Take Exit 29, go two blocks and turn left . You'll be right there . "'
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  7. When I started training for this ride a few months ago, I could barely go two blocks around my neighborhood.
  8. To reach Bluff View, follow Fourth Street seven blocks to High Street and turn left . Go two blocks and turn right.
  9. If you go two blocks away from where you live, suddenly there's a different little community with a different delicatessen, a different dry cleaner.
  10. But, he went on, " If you go two blocks in either direction from here you are in some of the worst slums imaginable ."
  11. "I used to go two blocks down the street and I'd have 10 cases, " said a 66-year-old woman who spends some of her weekly take on feeding pigeons in her housing project.
  12. "If there is a garage in the middle of the theater district, all you have to do is go two blocks west and you will pay two-thirds or one half as much, " he said.
  13. You don't give directions by street names or house numbers, but by references ( " Turn right by Harold's Hardware, go two blocks past Andersons', and it's the fourth house on the left past the football field .)
  14. You would need to get onto the Memorial Bridge, then veer to the left and around the Lincoln Memorial and onto Constitution Avenue . ] Make a left onto 18th St . Then a right onto H St . Go two blocks . ( Lafayette Park and will be on your right, and St . Johns Church on the left ).
  15. Ever since the earthquake of 1972 all but razed Managua _ and the dictator Anastasio Somoza and his cronies pocketed the millions in international reconstruction aid _ the Nicaraguan capital has been a city where communal memory has replaced actual architecture, where many addresses refer to landmarks that aren't there anymore : " From where the Lacmiel restaurant used to be, go two blocks south . . . ."

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