go tv in a sentence

  1. Our family intended to go TV-free this summer.
  2. Or will he go TV on us and explain the entire mystery too quickly.
  3. A few weeks ago, Walpole suggested the couple go TV-free from 7 to 9 p . m . Fleming agreed.
  4. Between, now, acting, directing, and singing, she also began a television channel called Go Go TV in 1996.
  5. A number of organisations are competing for the rights to operate digital TV services, with Multichoice's Go TV having built infrastructure ahead of getting a license.
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  7. The video for " Wanderlust ", the second single from the album, was featured on NME . com and placed on rotation by Austrian music channel Go TV.
  8. Lauri Yl鰊en stated on the Austrian television station Go TV, that the duet with Anette Olzon ( Nightwish ) was to be released later in 2009 . The title of song is " October & April ".
  9. On-the-go TV junkies don't have to feel disconnected while away from their plugged-in unit, thanks to the 4M-T30U 4-inch liquid crystal display color television from Sharp Electronics.
  10. In January 2009, the band released their first low budget music video, " Dinner for One " which received around 80, 000 views on YouTube in the first two years and also got regular airplay on one of Middle Europe's biggest music channels, Go TV . Less than a year after the band's first rehearsal, they had already appeared on numerous European radio stations, music blogs and compilation albums.

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