go trick or treating in a sentence

"go trick or treating" in Chinese  
  1. Your children say they're old enough to go trick or treating alone this year.
  2. Billy meets up with his friends and the Buddies and they go trick or treating.
  3. Act II opens on Halloween, where Tootie and Agnes are getting ready to go trick or treating.
  4. "Or people like to go to church on Sunday and they don't like to go trick or treating ."
  5. But Friday, she said, someone suggested that it might not be safe to let children go trick or treating for Halloween.
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  7. When Aleasha is allowed to go trick or treating on Halloween, disguised as a werewolf like Nick, she gives in to her canine side by howling in fear upon being spooked by a man pretending to be a scarecrow at one house.

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