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  1. GO Transit is currently building a second maintenance yard covering in Whitby.
  2. It has since been sold to Metrolinx, the operators of GO Transit.
  3. GO Transit also has a few bus stations and stops in Scarborough.
  4. GO Transit trains connect the city with Toronto, Hamilton and points between.
  5. The TTC operated its first dial-a-bus services under GO Transit in 1973.
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  7. GO Transit's rail services carry the large majority of its overall ridership.
  8. Toronto Transit Commission, York Region Transit, and GO Transit buses serve the area.
  9. Provincial cutbacks in 1993 caused GO Transit to cut back service to Georgetown.
  10. GO Transit's Highway 401 with an access road on Leslie Street.
  11. The most easily accessible GO Transit railway station is Milton station.
  12. Fares account for 15 % of the funding for GO Transit.
  13. GO Transit has performed a study on electrification of their current diesel operations.
  14. This would remove the connection between GO Transit and Via services.
  15. Intercity service is served by Go Transit via buses and trains.
  16. GO Transit has gone on to order a total of 67 MPXpress locomotives.
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