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  1. I found references, some of them admittedly questionable, labeling him a'New England Transcendentalist', a'gnomist', a'Sluzzelin 19 : 34, 22 September 2006 ( UTC)
  2. Through CVT Ventures, LLC, Boro is a former Luxology advisory board member and former board chairman at mSnap and VideoEgg ( joining First Round Capital s Howard Morgan, Dr . Adam Klein, former vice president and president of global marketing at Hasbro, Inc ., and Stephen Mack, founder and president of Gnomist, Inc . ).
  3. Way back in the 60-70's there was a product for the rear window called ( I think ) GnoMist-a thin sheet of plastic which clung to the screen ( like some of those window stickers that aren't sticky ), that helped to keep the back window clear, I assume the water did not like forming droplets on the surface.
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