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  1. It could be kindly, sympathetic, gnomish and infinitely expressive.
  2. :I see many good minor contributions and gnomish cleanup work.
  3. The list would be improved by making it a gnomish work.
  4. He wrote a substantial dictionary of Gnomish and a grammar.
  5. The vast majority of edits is gnomish and appears constructive.
  6. It's difficult to find gnomish in a sentence.
  7. I can write articles, fight vandals, do Wiki-gnomish things.
  8. Gnomish work can be a part of what ambassador does, on occasion.
  9. Sometimes this is gnomish stuff and sometimes it's large scale meta issues.
  10. The morphed children look gnomish and strange.
  11. JShanley98 was blocked for copyright infringement, but he's mostly making gnomish edits.
  12. The Qenya and Gnomish Lexicons, in full, appear in " Parma Eldalamberon"
  13. Gnomish was spoken by the Elves.
  14. I started editing Wikipedia in the summer of 2004 creating new articles and doing gnomish stuff.
  15. The links above contain multiple manual wiki-gnomish changes and corrections and are thus legitimate.
  16. He works primarily in the File namespace, but also participates in backlog eliminations and other gnomish tasks.
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