gnoming in a sentence

  1. I stumbled on this practice through gnoming for date-format harmonisations.
  2. This is really cool and it has sped up my gnoming significantly.
  3. I've been here a while, mostly gnoming.
  4. Here are some facts; most of what I do on WP is gnoming.
  5. :It looks like an anon busily gnoming.
  6. It's difficult to find gnoming in a sentence.
  7. The work of his that I have seen is largely useful to the project, gnoming indeed.
  8. Also, I am experienced at Wiki = gnoming, such as adding categories to uncategorized pages.
  9. I finally decided to sign up here after I saw more than a little gnoming I could do here.
  10. :I have started doing some gnoming around these articles because they could do with a bit of cleanup.
  11. This huge change in my pie chart, resulted from me clamping down & concentrating on'gnoming '.
  12. When you have finished gnoming the article, please move it to the "'Completed Requests "'section.
  13. I ve done a lot of gnoming, and content creation-wise I ve mostly focused on mushrooms and women philosophers.
  14. I've been here since late 2004, quietly gnoming away, but decided to register an account in mid-2006.
  15. So, hopefully IP can go back to gnoming away on whatever ? talk ) 23 : 35, 2 October 2009 ( UTC)
  16. A significant portion of his [ 4000 mainspace edits in the last year ] are gnoming and content improvement unrelated to the AFD battles.
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