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  1. Well, everything except a gnomic endorsement from the Fed chairman.
  2. Modernism, in these reinterpretations, is gnomic, ironic, wavering.
  3. With this gnomic warning, he returned to Washington.
  4. His notoriously gnomic remarks are picked apart for hints of his current thinking.
  5. Early religious and gnomic verse is also usually anonymous.
  6. It's difficult to find gnomic in a sentence.
  7. Balanchine was famous for his gnomic observations about the connectedness of music and dance.
  8. According to Ullmann, it was this somewhat gnomic remark that won her heart.
  9. As a gnomic writer Daniel approaches Chapman, but is more musical and coherent.
  10. More recent interpretations have disputed this gnomic exhortation.
  11. We are in a land of gnomic utterance.
  12. Thus, in English the gnomic aspect takes the same form as the habitual aspect.
  13. Some commentators consider that his writings are often gnomic and irritating, but never fail to stimulate.
  14. If there is no suffix in this slot, the verb is in present or gnomic tense.
  15. As the gnomic remarks in the " Investigations " indicate, Wittgenstein isn't sure.
  16. The poem ends with a series of gnomic statements about God, eternity, and self-control.
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