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  1. WP : GNG clashes explicitly with the " policy"
  2. She meets the GNG cumulatively, not for anything in particular.
  3. GNG is viable for Wikipedia because its criteria is objectively applicable.
  4. Thus, all five criteria of WP : GNG are met.
  5. WP : ENT and WP : GNG are not mutually exclusive.
  6. It's difficult to find gng in a sentence.
  7. GNG still applies and that's the core of this.
  8. Easily passes WP : GNG, no need to look further.
  9. WP : GNG requires multiple sources with non-trivial coverage.
  10. I think he does not meet WP : GNG at present.
  11. His scale also fails WP : GNG for the same reason.
  12. No need for Additional Guidelines once WP : GNG are met.
  13. Fails WP : GNG's significant coverage in reliable sources.
  14. Does the subject meet WP : GNG / WP : BIO?
  15. Remaining parts of the GNG retained their loyalty towards Gamsakhurdia.
  16. For certain specific purposes, most can agree GNG has been invaluable.
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