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  1. For example, Gnezdilov said the Russian group would answer all questions during a news conference.
  2. Nakhodka Mayor Viktor Gnezdilov estimated the storm caused 30 million rubles ( about dlrs 3.8 million ) in damage.
  3. Goalkeeper Ilya Gnezdilov, defenders Aleksandr Razorenov, Viktor Fereferov, Yevgeni Fetisov, midfielders Ivan Galanin, Georgi Makhatadze, forwards Artyom Galadzhan, Mikhail Lysov.
  4. Today there are about 3, 500, said Mayor Victor Gnezdilov . Part of his group's concern is protecting foreign businessmen flocking to joint-venture opportunities in Russia.
  5. On December 19, 2015, on the XVIII Party Conference, she was elected as the new leader of Yabloko, beating Alexander Gnezdilov, Nikolay Ribakov, and Lev Schlosberg, with the former two supporting her in the second tour.
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