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  1. The station, designed by architects V . Gnevyshev, N . Aloshkin and T . Tselikovska presents itself as a deep-level pylon trivault.
  2. The design, work of architects N . Alyoshkin, V . Gnevyshev and T . Tselikovskaya, incorporates a classic pylon tri-vault design with plastered ceilings and granite floor.
  3. Designed by architect V . Gnevyshev, decoratively the station has a " high-tech " theme, and in addition to the metallic planes its walls are riveted with smelt, green mosaic and beige coloured marble.
  4. Designed by architects V . Gnevyshev, M . Alyoshkin and T . Tselokovskaya, Pecherska is a composition that was finalised still under Soviet influence, but slightly re-modeled prior to its opening in mid-1990s.
  5. Named after the nearby laboratories ( literally Academical town ) of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and test centres, the station's design ( Architects V . Gnevyshev, T . Tselikovskaya, N . Aleshkin and S . Krushinsky ) is based on scientific themes.
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  7. Designed by the architects V . Gnevyshev, T . Tselikovskaya and N . Aleshkin, the station was the first on the line to be built to a single-vault design " walls in earth ", i . e . where the walls of the station pit are incorporated into the design, and the main vault rests on top of them, thus saving time and resources for construction.

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