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  1. Mammalian intestines contain multiple glucosidases which efficiently hydrolyze glycosidic bonds.
  2. The side chain can be cleaved by galactosidases and glucosidases.
  3. In addition to cellulose, ?-glucosidases can cleave xylose, mannose and galactose.
  4. These lipids are then hydrolyzed by beta-glucosidases and beta-galactosidases to regenerate ceramide.
  5. Acarbose also blocks pancreatic alpha-amylase in addition to inhibiting membrane-bound alpha-glucosidases.
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  7. Miglitol, and other structurally-related iminosugars, inhibit glycoside hydrolase enzymes called alpha-glucosidases.
  8. Upon tissue disruption they get into contact with ?-glucosidases from the chloroplasts, which enzymatically release the toxic aglucones.
  9. The myrosinase from " Brevicoryne brassicae " appears to have beta-O-glucosidases than to plant myrosinases.
  10. Cellulases ( endoglucanases ), cellobiosidases ( exoglucanases ), and beta-glucosidases are required by organisms ( some fungi, bacteria ) that can consume it.
  11. During the crushing, kneading and extraction of olive fruit to obtain olive oil, oleuropein, demethyloleuropein and ligstroside are hydrolyzed by endogenous beta-glucosidases to form aldehydic aglycones.
  12. What is known is that " Cmm " can use hydrolysis products as carbon and energy sources by means of a number of ABC transporters and ?-and ?-glucosidases.

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