gerard noel in a sentence

  1. In 1780 she married Sir Gerard Noel.
  2. It was built for the Rutland Fencibles by the MP Gerard Noel Edwards in 1794-95.
  3. It had been set up by Gerard Noel, with the help of several other interested witches.
  4. They were the parents of Sir Gerard Noel, 2nd Baronet, ancestor of the Earls of Gainsborough of the second creation.
  5. Olive managed to persuade Sir Gerard Noel, a member of Parliament, to make inquiry into her claims, but by this time the royal family was fighting back.
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  7. Following a fire at Exton Hall in 1810, its owner, Sir Gerard Noel, moved into a nearby 17th century house, and commissioned Bond to make alterations.
  8. During this time, she landed a force of Royal Marines on Crete to seize Fort Tzeddin, and, in September 1898, she went to Sir Gerard Noel, Admiral Superintendent of Naval Reserves.
  9. In 1775, at the outbreak of the American War of Independence, Middleton was given a guardship at the Nore, a Royal Navy anchorage in the Thames Estuary, and was subsequently appointed son in law, Gerard Noel.
  10. In the 18th century, Elizabeth Pearson, an Irish herbalist, proposed a treatment for scrofula involving herbs and a poultice and extract of vegetable; and in 1815, Sir Gerard Noel presented a petition to the House of Commons advocating her treatment.
  11. In " Pius XII, The Hound of Hitler ", Catholic journalist Gerard Noel dismissed accusations that Pius was " anti-semitic " or " pro-Nazi ", but accused him of " silence " based on fear of retaliation and wrote that " Hitler played the Pope with consummate expertise ".

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