gerard neesham in a sentence

  1. Braddy and Gerard Neesham were the first new recruits to play for Sydney, making their debuts in round seven of 1982.
  2. He was appointed captain-coach by Claremont in 1985, and retired as coach at the end of the 1986 season to be replaced by Gerard Neesham.
  3. He then moved back to Western Australia to become an assistant coach for Fremantle Football Club, who sacked him in 1998 when Damien Drum replaced Gerard Neesham as senior coach.
  4. Joyce has not since coached an AFL club, although he sent a video of himself to major news stations stating his interest in the available Fremantle coaching role due to Gerard Neesham's departure in 1998.
  5. He played seven games in three seasons with St Kilda then ended up WAFL, where he became a mainstay of a champion team under Gerard Neesham and three times produced memorable kicks to save the Tigers from defeat.
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  7. Despite kicking two goals with his first two kicks in AFL football, Bell failed to make an impression on Dockers'coach Gerard Neesham, who regarded him as too slow a runner to be a successful AFL player.
  8. At Kellerberrin he coached Gerard Neesham and built up a friendship that would later see Riley take over from Neesham as coach of Claremont when Neesham was appointed coach of the newly formed Fremantle Football Club in mid-1994.
  9. The introduction of the Fremantle Football Club to the AFL, to be coached by his three-time Claremont premiership coach Gerard Neesham, was a huge lure for Kickett, who had never managed to maintain a stable life in Victoria.
  10. The founder and Chief Executive Officer is Gerard Neesham, former coach of Fremantle Football Club, and foundation chairman is Ross Kelly, a chairman, director or board member of many prominent West Australian companies and the former chairman of the Fremantle Football Club.
  11. As small compensation, Claremont under captain-coach Gerard Neesham developed an innovation possession-oriented  chip and draw style of football that allowed the Tigers to achieve the best record of any WA ( N ) FL team since East Fremantle s of 1946.
  12. In an interview with Australian men's magazine " Alpha " in September 2005, McLeod would later reveal that he refused to play for Fremantle after feeling insulted and belittled by the newly appointed Fremantle coach Gerard Neesham who had not actually seen him play before.

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