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  1. Assistant District Attorney Gerard Murphy asked Fort about property the company owned when he took over.
  2. Gerard Murphy, a veteran of the DA's office, is the lead prosecutor trying the case in court.
  3. "" Gerard Murphy, like Pythagoras and Boole before him, discovered new mathematical truths, truths that will last forever.
  4. He has worked with many of the UK theatre's top directors, appearing three times at the Gerard Murphy as Salieri.
  5. On returning to Dublin, Carney worked under Osborn Bergin, Gerard Murphy, Richard Irvine Best and T . F . O'Rahilly.
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  7. "Did you ask defendant Kozlowski if there was anything else he hadn't told you ? " asked Assistant District Attorney Gerard Murphy.
  8. Immediately after the restart Wexford got off to the better start courtesy of a Gerard Murphy fell to Christy Ring who weaved his way through the Wexford defenders.
  9. The SEC said the couple tipped off Jeffrey C . Morris and Gerard Murphy, who together made more than $ 425, 000 when their Hilton securities skyrocketed in price.
  10. Assistant District Attorney Gerard Murphy asked Fort during redirect examination, " Do you see anywhere in that letter that Mr . Kozlowski is supposed to get $ 32 million ?"
  11. It was staged for the first time at the Tricycle Theatre in 2008 directed by Ramin Gray, and featured Derbhle Crotty, Tom Burke, John McInerny, and Gerard Murphy in the cast.
  12. On Bainbridge Avenue in the Bronx, Gerard Murphy, 36, who came to the United States from County Limerick eight years ago, welcomed the cease-fire, saying, " It's great!
  13. Historians such as Peter Hart have written that'enemy'groups such as Protestants and ex-soldiers were targeted at random by the IRA . Gerard Murphy's " Year of the Disappearances, ( 2010 ) put the number of Protestants killed in Cork at 73.
  14. WITH : Richard E . Grant ( Sir Percy Blakeney ), Elizabeth McGovern ( Lady Marguerite Blakeney ), Martin Shaw ( Chauvelin ), Anthony Green ( Sir Andrew Foulkes ), Ronan Vibert ( Robespierre ), Christopher Fairbank ( Fumier ), Gerard Murphy ( Planchet ), Ron Donachie ( Mazzarini ), Beth Goddard ( Suzanne De Tourney ), Milton Johns ( Fisher ) and Jonathan Coy ( the Prince of Wales ).
  15. Other cast members include Peter Capell as Lartigue, Corlette's superior; Anne-Marie Deschodt as Blanche, Victor Manzon's wife, who gives him a specially engraved watch as a wedding anniversary gift, which later on Victor tries in vain to sell in exchange for a way out of Porvenir; Friedrich von Ledebur as " Carlos ", an owner of the " El Corsario " bar and a former Third Reich marshal; Chico Martinez as Bobby Del Rios, an explosives specialist and Corlette's advisor who assesses the situation at the oil well; Joe Spinell as Spider, an acquaintance of Scanlon in Porvenir who takes part in the truck-driving test but fails; Rosario Almontes as Agrippa, a bar maid in El Corsario who seems to be fond of Manzon as she gives him a crucifix before his departure; Richard Holley as Billy White, a helicopter pilot who rules out nitroglycerin in a shipment on an aircraft; Jean-Luc Bideau as Pascal, Manzon's brother-in-law who fails to receive help from his father to save their company from execution of fraud; Jacques Fran鏾is as Lefevre, the president of the Paris Stock Exchange, who accuses Manzon of money fraud; Gerard Murphy as Donnelly, a head of the Irish gang of which Jackie Scanlon is a member; Randy Jurgensen as Vinnie, a friend of Scanlon who directs him to the Baltimore docks from where he has to flee to a yet undisclosed location in order to evade execution from mafia; and Cosmo Allegretti as Carlo Ricci, a vengeful mafia leader and a brother of a priest who was shot in New Jersey during the robbery who puts a bounty on the head of Jackie Scanlon.

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