gerard mulligan in a sentence

  1. No monologue writer alive is better at what he does than Gerard Mulligan, who writes for David Letterman.
  2. In 2007 Elliott again began appearing on the " Late Show with David Letterman " with fellow former Letterman writer Gerard Mulligan.
  3. Gerard Mulligan, a longtime staff writer, said that Letterman " discovered inadvertently " just how gravely candidates respond to his comic denunciations.
  4. "Those details coming out about what happened in the Oval Office were vulgar, " concedes Gerard Mulligan, who has written for Letterman since 1977.
  5. The writing staff consisted of Merrill Markoe ( head writer ), Valri Bromfield, Rich Hall, Gary Jacobs, Harold Kimmel, Edie McClurg, Gerard Mulligan, Paul Raley, Ron Richards, and Letterman.
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  7. Kalter, bandleader and sidekick Paul Shaffer, and Hello Deli proprietor Rupert Jee are often used instead in comedy routines, as are stage manager Biff Henderson, stagehands George Clarke, " cue card boy " Tony Mendez, head carpenter Harold Larkin, cameraman Dave Dorsett, assistant Stephanie Birkitt, former writers Gerard Mulligan and Chris Elliott ( who almost always appear together ), and Johnny Dark ( a personal comedy friend of Letterman's ).

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