gerard mortier in a sentence

  1. But perhaps his most significant working relationship was with the music administrator Gerard Mortier.
  2. Gerard Mortier's adventures in programming continue to annoy Austria's conservative wing.
  3. Take the case of Gerard Mortier, the artistic director of the celebrated Salzburg Festival.
  4. He will succeed Gerard Mortier, who will step down in September 2001 after 10 years.
  5. From 2005 until 2007, Flimm was the director of the RuhrTriennale, following founding director Gerard Mortier.
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  7. And then, in 1989, arrived a short, feisty, brilliant and annoying Belgian named Gerard Mortier.
  8. They began work on it in 2008 under a commission by Gerard Mortier of the New York City Opera.
  9. Gerard Mortier, the incoming General Director of the New York City Opera, arranged to commission the work.
  10. Vilar had strongly and openly pushed his two favorite candidates, Gerard Mortier and Sarah Billinghurst, to the San Francisco board.
  11. Its intendant is Gerard Mortier, recently of Salzburg, who seems to have taken his combative style of leadership with him.
  12. In 1988, he was approached by Gerard Mortier, then the head of the Th殁tre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels.
  13. But it took Gerard Mortier, a Belgian from the world of opera, to put the spotlight back on theater in Salzburg.
  14. Together with Gerard Mortier, he was an advocate for the creation of the progressive Music Forum " The Krook " in Ghent.
  15. But Boulez's ascendancy at the Salzburg Festival is also due to the efforts of Gerard Mortier, its artistic director since 1992.
  16. Gerard Mortier, the artistic director of the Salzburg Festival, doesn't regard Vilar's desire for recognition as a problem.
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