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  1. Justices Anthony Mason and Gerard Brennan held:
  2. In May 1998, Gleeson was appointed Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, replacing Sir Gerard Brennan.
  3. But Chief Justice Gerard Brennan said the constitution did not give the Aborigines the right to sue for damages.
  4. The appeal was heard by the High Court between 11 and 13 June 1996 with Gerard Brennan, Daryl Dawson, Michael Kirby presiding.
  5. After almost three days of complex legal argument, Chief Justice Gerard Brennan said the court's seven judges needed until Monday to decide.
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  7. Dismissing Patrick's appeal, Chief Justice Gerard Brennan said it was " for the administrators and the creditors " to decide whether the Patrick companies will resume trading.
  8. New South Wales state Chief Justice Murray Gleeson will be the new chief justice of the High Court, replacing Chief Justice Sir Gerard Brennan, who retires May 22.
  9. Chief Justice Sir Gerard Brennan told the assembled lawyers they should be prepared to argue their full case Monday, should the court decide to grant them special leave to appeal.
  10. After sitting more than two hours longer than normal in an attempt to decide the case Tuesday, Chief Justice Gerard Brennan said the court would adjourn until Thursday to hear final arguments.
  11. After a 90-minute hearing Thursday, Chief Justice Sir Gerard Brennan granted counsel for the government an adjournment until Friday to defend its position that natural justice did not have to be observed.
  12. The Chief Justice, Sir Gerard Brennan, who heads the seven-member court hearing it, was one of the chief authors of the court's 1992 Mabo decision, which recognized aboriginal land rights in Australia for the first time.
  13. There have been cases in which 10-metre-long paintings have been presented to the Court, as evidence of the tribe's title deed after " terra nullius " was struck down during the tenure of Chief Justice Gerard Brennan.
  14. In the same way, Brennan resisted the extension of discretionary judicial powers, believing that they  tended to create a government of men rather than a government of laws, Gerard Brennan, Justice 1981 95; Chief Justice 1995 98.
  15. The chief justice of the High Court, Sir Gerard Brennan, wrote to Howard's deputy, Tim Fischer, who leads the rural based National Party, warning that Fischer's attacks on the court over this decision are eroding public confidence in the judiciary.
  16. The imprisonment of Ervin was taken to the High Court of Australia, where Chief Justice, Sir Gerard Brennan, restored Ervin's visa and ordered his release from prison saying that Ervin did not appear to have been accorded natural justice, as well as chiding the Government's lawyers for suggesting he had no power to hear the case.

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