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  1. He also collaborated on prints for Jacobus Houbraken,, and Johannes Brandt ( son of Gerard Brandt ).
  2. Davenant sympathised with the aims of John Dury, as far as unifying Protestantism went, and wrote in his favour, a piece subsequently quoted by Gerard Brandt.
  3. Not as grave as his father, Engel commissioned a biography of him from Gerard Brandt in 1681 and made his father's logbooks more accessible by writing summaries of them.
  4. "' Gerard Brandt "'( 25 July 1626, Amsterdam & ndash; 12 October 1685, Amsterdam ) was a Dutch preacher, playwright, poet, church historian, biographer and naval historian.
  5. Some of his poems are to be found in the anthology " De Bloemkrans van verscheidene gedichten door eenige liefhebbers der poezy byeenverzameld ", published in Amsterdam in 1659 . He also translated Matthaeus Vossius " Annales Hollandaises et Zeelandaises ", known for their charming Latin style, as " Historische Jaarboecken van Holland en Zeeland " ( published in Gorinchem in 1677 ) as well as several other theological works published under the pseudonym N . B . A, such as Gerard Brandt the Younger s poems ( " Gedichten " ) which he collected and which were published in 1640 in Rotterdam.
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