garza in a sentence

"garza" in Chinese  
  1. Garza said he tried from the beginning to avoid cultural clashes.
  2. Case aide Ceasar Garza says job sites are usually trouble free.
  3. Jennifer waited behind the stage, flanked by Quintanilla and Garza.
  4. Garza speculated the magazine paid thousands of dollars for the photos.
  5. David Lee Garza knew he was different at a young age.
  6. It's difficult to find garza in a sentence.
  7. Garza said of his decision that Blaha was ineligible to vote.
  8. Garza said as he summarized the initial results of the operation.
  9. The time clock was not correct, Ms . Garza testified.
  10. Ms . Garza said the tone was intended to be humorous.
  11. Garza acknowledged that getting to sanctions could take years of negotiating.
  12. Garza said, pointing to a smashed dresser on the curb.
  13. De la Garza says there are too many variables to know.
  14. Garza said, " but it stopped raining ."
  15. And that's not even mentioning Garza's accolades.
  16. So far, Garza has yet to disappoint his prominent friend.
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