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  1. Escape the downtown commotion in Monterrey's richest suburb, San Pedro Garza Garcia.
  2. For a hotel in San Pedro Garza Garcia, try the Hotel Antaris.
  3. UDEM has only one university campus located in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
  4. Salinas was arrested in October 1998 by Mexican authorities, who believed he was Mexican-born Gilberto Garza Garcia.
  5. Gilberto Garza Garcia was a high-ranking member of the Juarez-based drug ring led by Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Notimex reported Tuesday.
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  7. Nestled in a valley outside Monterrey, San Pedro Garza Garcia is home to some of Mexico's richest residents, including business executives and politicians.
  8. On March 24, 2009 the Mexican Military arrested Huerta Rios at his luxury car dealership in San Pedro Garza Garcia along with his four bodyguards.
  9. The other side gives way to the stylish area of San Pedro Garza Garcia, home to imposing, walled mansions and some of the country's wealthiest industrialists and retired politicians.
  10. While underground for almost a decade, Salinas used various aliases, including Gilberto Garza Garcia, Gilberto Salinas Doria and the nickname, " El Guero Gil, " or " White Gil ."
  11. The Mexican winner is Ramon Alberto Garza Garcia, 40, editor in chief of Reforma, a Mexico City newspaper that he founded three years ago, and El Norte, in Monterrey, Mexico.
  12. One of the poorest towns in Mexico, El Porvenir last year signed a sister-city agreement with one of the richest, San Pedro Garza Garcia, on the outskirts of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon state.
  13. Last October, the unit appeared to get an important break when it captured Gilberto Garza Garcia, the trafficker who oversaw the mafia's movement of cocaine shipments from Cancun up the gulf coast to McAllen, Texas.
  14. Police in San Pedro Garza Garcia, an upscale suburb of northern Monterrey, said two men armed with pistols forced their way into a home Monday afternoon, demanding that the owner, a woman, open the family safe.
  15. "The international aspect of business is crucial, especially here in Monterrey where people are expected to know about international business, " said Antonio Garza Torres, 36, of Garza Garcia, the toney suburb on Monterrey where Duxx is located.
  16. The explosion occurred at 12 : 50 p . m . ( 1750 GMT ) while workers were testing the gas system of the club and convention center in San Pedro Garza Garcia, a posh suburb of this northern industrial city.
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