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  1. Three games later, Agassi tried an ill-advised drop shot on game point.
  2. I had a lot of game points but I wasn't aggressive enough.
  3. During a season which saw her go on a 20-game point streak.
  4. Hepler also had a league high 22-game point streak during the season.
  5. Forsberg has five goals and 11 assists in an eight-game point streak.
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  7. Always a streaky producer, Robitaille brings with him an eight-game point streak.
  8. At 2-2, Sampras double faulted on game point to lose his serve.
  9. Richards had five goals and 12 points during a six-game point streak.
  10. Rucinsky has five goals and five assists during his eight-game point streak.
  11. Richards has five goals and 12 points during a six-game point streak.
  12. Dragomir squandered game points in six games she went on to lose.
  13. Kovalev has five assists and six points during a four-game point streak.
  14. It is game points, not match points, that count in the scoring.
  15. Leariness of it contributed to Huber three times double faulting at game point.
  16. Eloi saved six match points and Wang saved six game points.
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