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  1. The trick is to appreciate the game on its own merits.
  2. Chicago had its fifth and last World Cup game on Saturday.
  3. Otherwise they gain 1 { games on us in one night.
  4. Dallas Coach Barry Switzer said after the game on Monday night.
  5. It's just another game on our schedule ."
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  7. Antonio played an outstanding game on both ends of the court,
  8. There also will be two prime-time games on cable.
  9. We have another game on Friday that we have to win.
  10. Tartabull then scored to tie the game on a strange play.
  11. Danny Schayes helped out, with the game on the line.
  12. And the games on the Sony machines were superior as well.
  13. Now, we have to play a perfect game on Sunday.
  14. I think I pitch best with the game on the line.
  15. A ballplayer who never spent a game on the junior varsity.
  16. Rudy would stay up late studying Portland games on satellite feeds.
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