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  1. It is also responsible for enforcement of Mississippi's fish and game laws.
  2. Blair said the legislation was designed to modernize Britain's outdated gaming laws.
  3. It will be a Class II casino under Indian Gaming laws.
  4. Thirty-six percent of all accidents occured in conjunction with a game law violation,
  5. And he's making sure he can operate within the game laws of Texas.
  6. It's difficult to find game law in a sentence.
  7. The first game law in Texas went into effect in 1861.
  8. Players are granted amateur status preserving FIFA games laws are used.
  9. Many online hunts are subject to internet gaming laws that vary between jurisdictions.
  10. Twelve lawmakers led a campaign for two anti-gaming laws that parliament passed Friday.
  11. The maximum penalty for violating the game law is one year in prison.
  12. He drew up the Colony's game laws, using his legal expertise.
  13. He did not say how the coalition plans to fight the anti-gaming laws.
  14. It is very closely related to the field of game law.
  15. Individual Mexican states don't control their fish and game laws.
  16. Other federal courts have upheld the American Indian gaming law.
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