gambhira in a sentence

  1. After Partition of India, Chapai Nawabganj in Rajshahi became the main center of Gambhira.
  2. Chaitanya das and his wife went to the Gambhira and there they met Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
  3. With time, Gambhira has undergone many changes in terms of theme and style of its presentation.
  4. *The folk dance / theatre of Gambhira originated among the Hindu community of Maldah in West Bengal.
  5. Now-a-days, Gambhira reflects contemporary social problems through witty dialogue, songs, dances and jokes.
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  7. Among his sons are Uru and Gambhira, the demigods are the Pavitras and others, Indra is Suci, and among the sages are Agni and Bahu.
  8. Gambhira comprises a few characters with dialogues in an atmosphere of music, its themes now being contemporary social problems, fakeness and selfishness of people and so on.
  9. The lyrics of  Machakanni'in Suddha Dhanyasi seem to suggest that the song is sung before the wedding of the lead pair  it is sung by Sampkeerthan .  Uyirasai'in Gambhira Nattai is sung by Senthildas  it conveys why the lovers split.

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