gambhir singh in a sentence

  1. He was the second cousin of Gambhir Singh and the regent.
  2. Gambhir Singh reigned until his death on 9 January 1834.
  3. Maharaja Gambhir Singh took his last breath in Canchipur.
  4. Gambhir Singh, however, established his capital at Langthabal which is now known as Canchipur.
  5. This force of 500 men was known as Gambhir Singh Levy ( later Manipur Levy ).
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  7. During the reigns of Joy Singh and Gambhir Singh, Kanchipur served as Manipur's capital city.
  8. According to the article no . 2 of the Treaty Gambhir Singh was declared the independent ruler of Manipur.
  9. In Cachar, Gambhir Singh with the help of his elder brothers Chourjit and Marjit dethroned Govinda Chandra, the king of Cachar.
  10. Gambhir Singh was given the land west of Tillain hill and his headquarters was at Gumrah, Marjit Singh ruled Hailakandi from Jhapirbond.
  11. The Langthabal Palace ( Konung ) was established by Maharaja Gambhir Singh in 1827 ( October ) just after the liberation of Manipur from Burmese occupation.
  12. British official David Scott created a force consisting of 2, 000 Manipuri refugees, after assuring prince Gambhir Singh of restoring Kangeilpak's sovereignty.
  13. Maharaj Gambhir Singh, with the help of the Manipur Levy, liberated Manipur from the hands of the Burmese invading forces which occupied Manipur for seven years.
  14. The Manipur Levy under Gambhir Singh and his second cousin Nara Singh, later Maharaja Nara Singh, played a key role in driving out the Burmese from cachar and Manipur.
  15. With the 500 strong Meetei Levy and with help from the British East India Company, Gambhir Singh expelled the Burmese of Awa from Meitrabak beyond the Ningthi Turel ( Chindwin River ).
  16. Maharaja Gambhir Singh ( r . 1825 1834 CE ) composed two parengs of the tandava type, the " Goshtha Bhangi Pareng " and the " Goshtha Vrindaban Pareng ".
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