gambetti in a sentence

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  1. Cases like that are rare but not unknown, Gambetti said.
  2. Separately, Gambetti and Lugaresi noted something striking about the disease.
  3. Still, the cases Gambetti has been to examine have been helpful.
  4. During my visit to Gambetti's lab, the phone rang.
  5. Gambetti said, than tests used in Europe that take only hours.
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  7. Gambetti and his team first looked for the abnormal prions.
  8. Variant CJD is a new disease, Gambetti said.
  9. When I told this to Professor Gambetti, it caused him genuine pain.
  10. Gambetti's lab began to make incremental progress in understanding the disease.
  11. Gambetti predicts a cure for FFI within 10 years.
  12. "Germany and Italy immediately found cases, " said Gambetti.
  13. Gambetti cut the brain into hundreds of pieces.
  14. If the electricity fails, Gambetti's phone at home will automatically ring.
  15. As for Gambetti himself, he predicts a cure for FFI within 10 years.
  16. The protein is unusually sturdy, Gambetti said.
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