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  1. Later, full mail shirts were replaced with mail patches, called gussets, sewn onto a gambeson or arming jacket.
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  3. The doublet developed from the padded garments worn under armour, such as the gambeson, aketon, and arming doublet.
  4. The medieval quilted gambeson, aketon and arming doublet were garments worn under or instead of armor of maille or plate armor.
  5. The gambeson was used both as a complete armour unto itself and underneath mail and plate in order to cushion the body and prevent chafing.
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  7. There are two distinctive designs of gambeson; those designed to be worn beneath another armour, and those designed to be worn as independent armour.
  8. Mail-clad warriors typically wore separate rigid warhammers could harm the wearer by their impact without penetrating the armour; usually a soft armour, such as gambeson, was worn under the hauberk.
  9. One example given is a heavily armored knight, who may on his upper body wear a gambeson, followed by mail and plate armour, with a tabard or surcoat over top, for a total of four clothing items in the chest slots.
  10. Due to its strength, in the Middle Ages linen was used for shields and gambeson ( among other roles such as use for a bowstring ), much as in classical antiquity it was used to make a type of body armour, referred to as a linothorax.
  11. An arrow of this type can be shot about two hundred yards, and would be deadly up to the full limit of its flight . " However, the test was conducted without a padded jack or gambeson, which was layered cloth armour worn over heavier armour for protection against projectiles, as it was known to stop even heavy arrows.
  12. Defensive armament-armour  at first included the gambeson, then developed into the brigandine and scale armour, followed by hauberk, and then mail with some plate elements, such as breastplates and brassards, and finally panoply, which by the end of 16th century gained its perfect form, protecting the whole of a knight's body, and sometimes his horse.
  13. For common soldiers who could not afford mail or plate armour, the gambeson, combined with a helmet as the only additional protection, remained a common sight on European battlefields during the entire Middle Ages, and its decline  paralleling that of plate armour  came only with the Renaissance, as the use of firearms became more widespread, until by the 18th century it was no longer in military use.

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