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  1. :: Gambert has proceeded to edit war over the removal of his content, and been blocked.
  2. To this day, Flusser's line up of Alan Flusser dress shirts are still Gambert made.
  3. An IP editor is making edits to Search engine optimization in support of a trademark application filed by Jason Gambert.
  4. Beginning in the early-1980s, Mel Gambert created Flusser's branded shirts as a private label maker.
  5. This is in fact Jason Gambert, and he is violating WP : COI with the edits he's making.
  6. It's difficult to find gambert in a sentence.
  7. "The child didn't pass through any security zone, " said state prosecutor Yves Gambert told France Info radio.
  8. Indeed, the head Chouan Joseph Gambert, captain of the canton's companies, was killed near the village of Panistrel in 1794.
  9. On May 2, 2007, Jason Gambert attempted to trademark the term SEO by convincing the Trademark Office in Arizona that SEO is a " process " involving manipulation of keywords, and not a " marketing service ".
  10. ,the Mayor of the Borough of Bay Head is Republican William W . Curtis, whose term of office ends December 31, 2019 . Members of the Bay Head Borough Council are Council President D'Arcy Rohan Green ( R, 2018 ), Jennifer Barnes-Gambert ( R, 2017 ), Mary Stockton Glass ( R, 2018 ), Robert F . Hein ( R, 2016 ), Douglas J . Lyons ( R, 2016 ) and Brian M . Magory ( R, 2017 ).

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