gallbladder attacks in a sentence

  1. She had experienced a gallbladder attack, the doctor explained carefully.
  2. She was showing classic symptoms of a gallbladder attack.
  3. In March, Chris suffered a severe gallbladder attack and was rushed to hospital.
  4. During their visit, he suffered a gallbladder attack and died on September 12, 1930 after emergency surgery.
  5. Byrne suffered a gallbladder attack on July 21, 1963, and was admitted to St . Vincent Hospital two days later.
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  7. Indeed, when Zibel's wife had a gallbladder attack this summer the day before the House impeachment vote, Brock called Zibel to ask how she was.
  8. After receiving the implant, the man, who has not been identified, had an acute gallbladder attack requiring emergency surgery that he could not have survived without the AbioCor.
  9. McCue said his first gallbladder attack on Aug . 25 doubled him over, and he could barely drag himself 50 feet ( 15 meters ) to see the base doctor.
  10. On July 2, 1943 Wysocki was relieved of his duties as Himmler SS and Police Leader and to the staff of SS brigade leader Curt of God mountain in Minsk offset to there from that in the " anti-partisan to be taught . " In September of the same year Wysocki Himmler asked for a cure in Baden SS hospital because of " severe liver and gallbladder attacks " as a cop again in the German Reich to be used.

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