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  1. Howard held membership in the North Carolina Beekeepers'Association, handling gallberry and gum honey in several farms in Cedar Creek and Harnett County, North Carolina.
  2. They have scattered pond pine ( " Pinus serotina " ) and a dense growth of mostly evergreen shrubs including gallberry ( " Ilex glabra " ).
  3. Incidentally, just as Schueler was finishing his book, he took a walk and saw the wizened face of a tortoise peering at him through the gallberry bushes, after 15 years of absence.
  4. In one location, Carter made a grassy savanna with longleaf pines, gallberry holly and muhly grass, a tufted grass with finely textured, dark green leaves that grows 3 to 4 feet high.
  5. "' Ilex coriacea "', sometimes known as "'large gallberry "', is a shrub in the Holly family native to coastal areas in the United States from Virginia to Texas.
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  7. Originally referred to as "'Tillman "', the settlement was described as a " small strip of hammock . . . on each side of Turkey Creek . . . mostly pine and palmetto, miserable sandy barren oak scrub, some ponds and interspersed with sawgrass and gallberry ."
  8. The small fires that would ordinarily clean out the undergrowth of palmetto and gallberry are routinely extinguished by firefighters before they can do so, he said, and " prescriptive fires, " often ordered by forest managers to prevent such build-ups, are banned because the forests'new neighbors see them as smoke-causing nuisances, or threats.

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