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  1. The company Gallay still operates, and is based in Wellingborough.
  2. As of 2012, she plays with Ana Gallay.
  3. Georgina won the gold medal at the 2015 Pan American Games with Ana Gallay.
  4. Pilot Pierre Gallay dies in the accident.
  5. His fashions have been sold at Charivari and out west at Charles Gallay stores in Los Angeles.
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  7. Paul Gallay, regional attorney for the environmental department, said could not estimate how long either study would take.
  8. The BGYB brand and yacht brokerage company was created by long-term friends Bernard Gallay and Philippe Meylan in 1994.
  9. Since a 1715 census of the Savannah River settlements counted fewer than 650 Apalachees, Allan Gallay believes that the balance were probably sold into slavery.
  10. Abb?Simon Gallay hid Jews at Evian-les-Bains, and assisted passage to Switzerland, until arrested and deported to Germany never to return.
  11. The historian Alan Gallay speculates that the Shawnee migrations of the middle to late 17th century were probably driven by the Beaver Wars, which began in the 1640s.
  12. Bernard Gallay, through his sailing experience, knowledge of yachts and his full-time involvement and Philippe Meylan through his legal background and capacity as a trusted advisor.
  13. My guests; Gillian Glover, Dan Cafferty, Pete Agnew, Walther Gallay, Mickey Lee Soule, Sahaj Ticotin, Sim Jones, Don Airey, Eliot Denenberg, Harvey Jones.
  14. Historian Alan Gallay has speculated that the Saura and Saxapahaw people deserted Barnwell's army because their villages were likely to be attacked by the Tuscarora in vengeance for assisting South Carolina in the war.
  15. The Carolina slave trade, which included both trading and direct raids by colonists, was the largest among the British colonies in North America, estimated at 24, 000 to 51, 000 Indians by Gallay.
  16. Gallay described the approximate location of the Saura homeland as " about 60 miles upriver from the Peedees ", whose home is described as " on the Peedee River about 80 miles west of the coast ".
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