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  1. Gallaway plans to up his miles as the Midwest ride nears.
  2. Gallaway is now official patron of the Otago Cricket Association.
  3. It has received the Howard Gallaway Service Award from the National Association of Rocketry.
  4. Gallaway said that only a few scout troops had canceled trips because of the change.
  5. Gallaway said that Alonso would not comment.
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  7. Mack and Purcell were traveling Tuesday afternoon and were not available to comment, Gallaway said.
  8. Davidson previously served as mayor of Liberal Roger Gallaway by more than 4, 000 votes.
  9. James Muir died in 1801 and the house was sold by his Trustees to the Gallaway family.
  10. Trading on the electronic network is expected to begin early next year, said CBOT spokesman Bret Gallaway.
  11. But don't get Gallaway or Zeva, which smell as if something died behind the walls.
  12. It was unclear if he still works for the company; Gallaway said he did not know offhand.
  13. It was unclear if he still worked for the company; Gallaway said he did not know offhand.
  14. Morgan Stanley spokesman Bret Gallaway denied Mack and Purcell had a handshake deal, but declined to elaborate.
  15. Draper died at his home in Manhattan last Sunday, said Bret Gallaway, his great-nephew.
  16. Gallaway also questions whether the new study really provides evidence that poaching is as widespread as the researchers claim.
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